HEC-IN-PAKISTANEducation is that the most constructive issue for any society because it opens new horizons for the folks to understand things in several dimensions. A nation cannot properly perceive national aims and goals, if the bulk of individuals stay uneducated. they can’t perceive the worth of unity and discipline in life and stay unaware of the most recent advancements. Education improves human, Physical and different resources that any improve the factors of production. So, it’s necessary to line a correct system for education.

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Education is that the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and also the provincial governments, whereas the central principally assists within the education, enfranchisement and finances for analysis. The article 25-A of Constitution of West Pakistan obligates that State can offer free and mandatory quality education to any or all youngsters of the age of 5 to sixteen years in such a fashion as determined by law. Education system is that the most significant want and prime priority in a very country however the standard of education incorporates a declining trend in West Pakistan. Pakistan’s progress in up its human development indicators has been uneven. Poor education and weak responsibleness systems spoil the valuable public cash and hamper the method of effective education.

Pakistan’s education system remains unsuccessful in educating the folk. Lack of management, poor polices and dangerous designing ar the causes whereas corruption conjointly plays its role in destroying the education system. we tend to should have modified our education system and info once 1947 as Singapore, Asian country and Malaysia have done. Pakistan’s overall attainment rate is sort of fifty fifth that is incredibly poor. we tend to ar way behind than different countries even, in landmass, we’ve lowest attainment rate. lean funds and poor allocation of funds within the take into account education also are major hindrances within the growth of education sector.

Pakistan is one among the eight countries within the whole world that pay but two of value on education. West Pakistan has variant instructional establishments however the matter is that every one of them aren’t well-groomed and can’t contend with today’s instructional necessities. If some personal establishments offer quality education, they’re out of common public’s reach. In my purpose of read, the foremost awful issue in our education system is that the division of Education in several levels. there’s a serious distinction between personal and public education. Even once sixty six years of independence, we tend to don’t have a info for all. There ar English, Urdu and non secular divisions that produce confusion and chaos within the society.

So, there should be equal education for all so there may not be any distinction between made and poor. West Pakistan has to impose emergency in education sector through right policies and correct designing otherwise Pakistan’s survival is at risk. If West Pakistan needs to grow, it wants major reforms in education system.

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